Branding Creatives Day 2019

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Do you want to get more from your performing and creative career?

Do you want to learn the transitional value of your skills and how they can help you to get work in other areas of the industry and beyond?

Do you want to learn what you USP is and how to master your online presence so you continue to showcase your talents outside of the audition/interview room?

Do you want to speak to casting directors, agents and choreographers to find what they like to see or not see in the audition room?

Then this is the event for you!

On the #BrandingCreatives Day you will have a three hour branding masterclass to help define your personal brand followed by an intimate afternoon with industry professionals to ask the questions you really want to know. You will be joined by a casting director, agent, choreographer and other leading industry professionals to find out what they are looking for in the audition room.

This educational and hands-on day is to be held early 2019, so sign-up below to be the first to know when and to receive an exclusive discount.

Jamie has taught his #BrandingCreatives masterclass at some of the UK’s leading creative and performing arts universities and colleges as well as at TheatreCraft2018, Mousetrap Forum, and has been featured on industry podcasts and in best selling books.

Having worked as a performer, casting assistant, arts marketeer and entertainment journalist Jamie realised the power of owning your brand and using it to further your career.

Through mastering your brand you will gain confidence in the audition room, know what you have to offer, understand how to use your skills to make a successful ‘parallel career’, know how to market yourself and your career and much more.

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  • Focus on the business side of ‘show business’ and help define your brand and gain confidence in that brand and you as a product

  • Learn how to use social media so you can unpack your skills and show them to the world - don’t just leave your talent in the audition room

  • Understand social media analytics so you know how to target your followers as well as how to use social media tools that will save you time with scheduling and content creation

  • Discover what your brand is and tap into your brand and body of work to produce content that is eye-catching to directors and agents

  • How to sell yourself without sounding like you are

  • We will help generate ideas so you always have content that is easy to share and make your #actorslife more lucrative

  • Find and maintain that ‘performer buzz’ when you are not performing

  • Turn that ‘plan b’ into your parallel career - That side passion can be your additional income around performing

  • Look at the skills that you have learnt as a performer and find the transitional value in them and how to apply these skills to other areas of employment

  • Explore the benefits of cost efficient and easy to execute paid social advertising for your work related projects

Plus an expert panel of industry creatives, to include casting directors, agents and choreographers.